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RWCMD , RWCMD , July 22, 2019
Wales at Edinburgh Fringe by RWCMD Continuing my attempt to see as many Edinburgh Fringe previews as possible I headed to see George Infini’s play “ Adrift” at The Bute Theatre. I first saw ( and loved) this piece at Chapter on City Road in 2014 ( amazingly) and it has truly matured with age, in a good way.

Alone on a raft ( a large container) are 3 mutineers struggling to survive. And that is the scenery and that is the plot. And that simplicity is the joy of this production. That this premise works is down to 4 people. Firstly, writer George Infini creates 3 diverse characters who all find different ways of dealing with the situation they find themselves in. Anyone who saw his previous play (s) “Service” will settle down expecting a continual stream of funny moments. But, as an unexpected

bonus there are moments of great pathos which stop you in your tracks. ( The clue may be that this is in the Theatre section of the Edinburgh brochure and not in the comedy one).

Did I mention that 4 people made this work? ( Yes, I did) and the other three are of course the actors who bring the words to life, all showing great comic timing and making the most of their dramatic moments in the spotlight. You can tell that they know the play extremely well as the quality of the show belies the " preview" aspect of the evening. "Adrift" is ready to open now though anyone heading to the Scottish capital. will have to wait until the 10th August when it opens ( see details below).

The only slight criticism I would make is that I found the ending a bit sudden and unexpected. However, that is only my opinion so I suggest you all rush to catch it at a venue near you or in Edinburgh and you can make your own mind up. You are in for a treat!

Reviewed by: David Dandan

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