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Acclaim Continues: “Remy Beasley: Dedication, Charisma, a Joy to Watch”

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Do Our Best- Remy Beasley & Francesca Moody Productions , Underbelly Cowgate- Iron Belly , September 1, 2019
Wales at Edinburgh Fringe by Do Our Best- Remy Beasley & Francesca Moody Productions If I return to “Do Our Best”, below 15th August, there is a reason.

A while back Gretchen Cryer had a hit that she titled “I'm Getting My Act Together and Taking It on the Road”.

The road for “Do Our Best” has not yet gone beyond the Underbelly, but another sparkle of a show was first unveiled in an afternoon slot in Cowgate. It went on do rather well. See below 6th August 2014.

I like advertising, in part the legacy of a time I lived in a frosty city that had none. I like promotion with some brio or wit to it, that is confident. As a general conclusion advertising in the arts of Wales is not great and it is not energetic.

Remy Beasley announced that “Do Our Best” was heading for the Underbelly loudly. 1068 words were splashed on Wales Arts Review. It could have been slimmed to a cooler 800 words. but that is a pedant's view.

I liked it, because of what it represented- the hunger to be seen, to sell, to make an impact.

There is a lesson here for the aspirant writer. The grant culture of Wales has a deficit of literary agents, impresarios, producers, venture capitalists. It is all there in the official reports. It is stated to the Culture Committee.

In “Do Our Best” author-actor has met a good producer. This is said with confidence because I was at a hit of last year's Fringe. “Square Go”- reviewed below 27th August 2018- returns this year. It is raucously, inimitably Scottish but with a Cardiff connection. Producer Francesca Moody is an actor graduate from RWCMD. A third production “Baby Reindeer”, buoyed by a strong critics' response, heads for the Bush the autumn, not bad for a young producer.

“Do Our Best” has by any standards gone down nicely. It starts on a strong foundation, being about something that matters: “it's about grief”

From Evening Standard

“With Do Our Best, though, written and performed by Remy Beasley, that comparison may (just about) be made as it comes from the same production team behind Fleabag. And it’s really very good indeed.

“There’s some wonderful broad comedy as we see a precocious child oblivious both to her lack of talent and her knack for annoying everybody around her. But gradually, a more nuanced picture emerges as adult Sephie and child Sephie blend in and out of the action.

“There’s a sharp change both of pace and emotional heft as the monologue moves towards its climax. It’s disconcerting but exhilarating and shows what a terrific performer Beasley is, here under Hannah Banister’s assured direction. The monologue becomes a powerful study of grief and how we can move on from it — and, eventually, that we can all find our pack.”

From a Younger Theatre

“Once Sephie’s frenzies dissipate, Beasley’s writing, raw and truthful, is given its opportunity to soar. There are many moments that hit home, but her memories of eating Kit Kats with her mother are so particularly heart-warming that we forgive her for earlier indulgences.

“Do Our Best is directed by Hannah Banister and produced by Francesca Moody Productions. A special shout out should be given to Caitlin O’Reilly, the overly-berated stage manager who works from her desk onstage. Her occasional caustic interruptions, as well as Beasley’s insulting remarks towards her, make for welcome injections of humour, even at the play’s most serious turns.

“You can’t quite put Do Our Best into a box — it avoids categorisation. Beasley has created something unique — in her own zealously overbearing, yet amusing style. It’s something of a hidden gem at this year’s Fringe and, hours later, I can still see Sephie glaring at me, daring me to deny that Do Our Best is great theatre. If I had Brown Owl’s invigilating powers, I would certainly award her that badge.”

Edinburgh Fringe Review sent two reviewers.

Reviewer #1

"Performing in front of a giant image of her own face, Remy Beasley makes the most of the roomy but intimate space. She's rarely still when she's excited, but occasionally settles to become motionless in more poignant moments. An opening dance sequence is performed with unbelievable gusto that's almost tiring to watch. It's an outrageous, confident extravaganza where Beasley plays the clown, moving effortlessly from beat to beat, milking each gag for all its worth. Everyone should find moments they can relate to: my personal favourite is, "I'm 16. I haven't smiled at an adult in about 4 years."

“Her energy during the comedy only heightens the emotion of the tragedy. Fast quips and profanity give way to slow, poetic lines; the bright warm lights change to cold spotlights; Beasley's eyes move from the seats to some world beyond the four walls of the room. These contrasts build to an emotional climax that ambushes you out of nowhere, in which the script and movement combine for an intense portrayal of grief and loss. Creating a false sense of security certainly helps to increase the emotional impact, as well as allowing Beasley to chip away at Sephie's egotism and expose the pain underneath. The apparently shallow character builds in complexity with every minute.”

“Beasley's dedication, charisma and committed performance is worth seeing alone. Never faltering for a second, Do Our Best is a joy to watch, whether Beasley is making you laugh or cry.”

Reviewer #2

“A monologue on loss, growing-up and the civil rights of goldfish; Do Our Best is brilliantly funny, poignant and above all honest.

“But the show is more about the brilliance of the script- what is being left unsaid- and Beasley’s performance, which lets the idea of her childhood hang in the air. It made me laugh one minute and cry the next; it does beautifully what so many monologues try and fail to do, and even makes it look easy.”

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Reviewed by: Adam Somerset

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